A revolutionary approach to TV advertising

A global innovation in the field of TV commercials – the VIDA platform, brought to the market by United Media, is now available to clients in the region.

With the advent of new technology, for the first time viewers will now be able to see advertisements aimed at their target group.

VIDA (Video Dynamic Advertising) is a technology for placing targeted video ads and in practice allows households to see different advertisements while watching the same program. In this way, advertisers can send their messages to the target group they are addressing and in the territory in which they operate, which makes the space of television advertising more accessible to a large number of small and medium enterprises.

The European Association of Television and Radio Sales (EGTA) has just singled out the VIDA platform, along with the British SKY Ad Smart and the Belgian SBS Smart Ad, as the only three rights to addressable advertising in Europe.

“Television remains the most important communication channel, and with addressable advertising it combines all the advantages of digital media. I invite all advertisers to join us in creating modern TV advertising in the region. I would additionally point out that due to the advanced technological possibilities of granular placement of advertisements, for the first time, advertising positions in exclusive television content are available to small and medium-sized businesses”, said Marija Matic, Head of VIDA.

Members of the United Group, primarily United Cloud, worked on the development of this exceptional innovation, and FreeWheel, part of the Comcast Group, a leader in this field of advertising, also participated as a partner.